Gilera Saturno Testasferica Alfredo Milani – 1950




Currently on auction in Beverly Hills.

Unique specimen in the world, owned by the deceased rider and mechanic Alfredo Milani, a world’s icon of the italian motorbike’s history.

The vehicle is a Gilera 150 Testasferica wholly original, and it’s a unique specimen in the world: Alfredo Milani itself retired all its specimens and burned them down. This is the only Testasferica survived, for it was a gift given by Gilera to Milani, the king of the italian sidecar racing from the 40s to the 70s.

It features: Gilera’s rev counter, 4 cylinders, year 1950. This bike attended very important competitions, on the Monza track too, as its racing-repainted fuel tank shows.


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